Creating Employee Wellness with Matzner Clinic


Health care costs cut into your bottom line in a significant way.  Many businesses report that health care costs eat up 60% of profits, sometimes more.   From insurance premiums to lost productivity when an employee is injured or ill, health care costs are a drag on your profitability.  Reducing health care costs is necessary to keep your balance sheet in the black.  

The question is, how?

By far, the most cost efficient method of reducing these costs is to implement a plan of prevention.  It is far less expensive to prevent injuries and illnesses than it is to treat them in today’s current medical system. 

Conventional medicine, with its focus on drugs and surgery, does good job of managing symptoms.  However, these approaches do not offer an effective plan for preventing illness or achieving wellness.

Matzner Clinic offers a way for your business to educate your employees on how to achieve and maintain wellness.  This can help you:
-Avoid workplace injuries and help injuries heal faster
-Reduce illnesses and absenteeism
-Increase productivity and enhance your bottom line

At Matzner Clinic, your employees will also benefit from cost efficient and effective treatments when injury or illness occurs.  

Because we believe in prevention, Matzner Clinic provides free lunch and learn seminars to local area businesses interested in reducing health care costs.  Dr. Matzner provides a light, healthy lunch for your entire staff, while giving a lecture to educate your employees about healthy living strategies.  This service is completely free for your business to take advantage of, because Matzner Clinic is committed to the health and well being of not only our patients, but of our community as well.  

When you select Matzner Clinic to host your lunch and learn, you and your employees will learn tried and true strategies to
-    Reduce Stress
-    Improve Nutrition
-    Address Women's Health Issues
-    Reduce Headaches
-    Healthy Living to 100
-    And More...

Matzner clinic will consult with you to determine your unique businesses health needs and will tailor the lunch and learn presentation to address your specific concerns.  You and your employees will learn actionable skills to enhance your health.  The knowledge learned will help reduce health care costs for your entire organization.  Employees will also be able to take advantage of group rates on necessary care at Matzner Clinic.  Any business large or small may take advantage of this offer and benefit from the knowledge they will gain. 

Dr. Matzner is a member of The Wellness Champions, a group of medical professionals who bring wellness to the workplace and champion the belief that health comes from within.  Wellness Champions have not only completed advanced training in wellness but have also received exceptional reviews from corporate clients for results in the field.  Wellness Champions emphasize personal responsibility in health, based on cutting edge science, a proactive philosophy, and actionable advice.  Bringing in Wellness Champions to your workplace shows your employees that you care about their health and well being, and promotes employee loyalty and productivity.  We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful complimentary service to enhance your workplace.

Contact Matzner Clinic today at 217-359-6625 to schedule your free Lunch and Learn event.

Healthy People are Productive People!

Implementing Workplace Wellness programs adds real value to your business, helps to drive down health care costs and reduces employee turnover ...  Check it out!


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