Are you dealing with neck pain, knee pain, back pain or foot pain?

Have you tried pain relievers, chiropractic care, massage and more, but find the pain always comes back?

It could be your feet.

Your feet are your foundation.  Just like a house on a faulty foundation will eventually crumble, foot issues can contribute to postural imbalances that create pain in other parts of the body.  Abnormal posture is associated with tension headache, fatigue, slower healing after injury and even decreased performance in sports.

When we live with an abnormal posture, certain muscles and joints can become strained, and others are not used efficiently.  This makes certain muscles feel tight while others become weak.  Over time, this can contribute to increasing levels of pain. 

People with imbalances in their feet usually have little to no pain in their actual feet.  The pain tends to manifest in other parts of the body such as the knees, back or neck.  Correcting the imbalances in your feet helps improve your posture, and reduces back pain, neck pain and knee pain.  Improved posture also supports an overall sense of well being.  Orthotics, commonly known as shoe inserts, are a common and effective way to correct the imbalances in your feet and your posture.

Orthotics are extremely easy to use, so it’s not like other products you have to make time for or remember.  Simply slip them in the shoes you are already wearing to take advantage of the benefits.  Does doing something healthy for yourself get any easier?

There are many different orthotic products on the market, ranging from off the shelf to completely custom.  Off the shelf products do help some people, but if you’ve tried these products and still experience neck pain, back pain or knee pain… you owe it to yourself to check out custom orthotics. 

Matzner Clinic is a proud provider of Foot Levelers custom spinal pelvic stabilizers orthotics and other health enhancing posture correction devices.  Foot Levelers quality custom shoe inserts are built to fit your feet by taking 16 specific measurements and includes 3-arch supports correctly balanced for you.  To learn how custom orthotics differ than off-the-shelf, click here.

Foot Levelers not only provides custom orthotic inserts for your shoes, they also offer stylish shoes and even sandals with orthotics built right in, so no matter what the weather or what the occasion, you can keep your posture stable and your feet comfortable.

We have provided custom orthotics for many years, and have seen firsthand the difference they make for people.  Stubborn pain issues that responded to treatment, but kept coming back often stop coming back when the feet are corrected.  People suffering with chronic pain are reducing or even eliminating their pain. 

Call 217-359-6625 to make your appointment, and be sure to ask about custom orthotics. 

You’ll be glad you did.

To learn more about Foot Levelers custom spinal pelvic stabilizer orthotic shoe inserts, click here.