Matzner Clinic uses a variety of physiotherapy treatments to help patients achieve pain relief.  Some of the most common and effective treatments we utilize include ultrasound therapy, electrostim or “stim” therapy, and physical manipulation of the injured area.


Ultrasound Therapy – Ultrasound therapy is particularly useful in treating soft tissue injuries.  The ultrasonic waves produced by the machine help to relieve pain and muscle spasms, and increase blood flow.  This often serves to accelerate the healing time and may also reduce scarring. 



Electrostim Therapy – Electrical muscle stimulation can be carried out to help reduce pain and swelling to also speed up the healing process. We choose the appropriate form of electrical muscle stimulation to help improve your specific problem.  Electrostim therapy has a long history of safety and effectiveness for treating both chronic and acute pain.  Matzner Clinic expertly utilizes this therapy to target your pain and help you achieve relief. 


Intersegmental Traction – Intersegmental traction tries to gently mobilize joints which may have become immobile due to degenerative changes or injury. It also helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the region. Traction can be done on any area of the neck, middle or lower back.