Thank you to everyone for allowing us to help you for nearly a decade.

The website needs your name and address for your profile. We ask that you please put the name that is associated with the order on this page, because that is the name that will come through with the order. You can add whatever address you like. However, you need to add an address to this step before moving on to the next.* It's a matter of principle. Press CONTINUE to move to the next section. 

*Note you only have to add an address the first time you order. Every order after will have it pre-selected. 

On each of the next two sections click CONTINUE, as there's no other option but to pickup the order at our store. Payment can only be paid on site, so please click the CONTINUE button. 

Finally, review the order to ensure everything is correct. Once the order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation number. You must press PLACE ORDER after you have reviewed the information for accuracy. 


Problems with Invalid Token

If you see an error with invalid token, it is possible your session has expired. You can try to go back and go to your shopping cart and remove an item. This should let you continue shopping. If your problem persists, please logout, close your web browser and go back to matznerclinic.com and login again. This should reset your session and allow you to order products.